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Yoga Class at Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes

What a fantastic way to spend a summer evening, a wonderful Hatha yoga class at Furzton Lake with a great small group of Yogis and friends in Milton Keynes. A short walk from my home studio we unrolled our mats for a little open air practice. It was more fun than perfection but sometimes kicking back and finishing the class with a sunset and a good chat, drinking a cup of green tea with friends is just what’s needed.

About Yoga Lily

Lili is an experienced yoga teacher, she teaches the traditional, relaxing and invigorating Yoga as practiced in Asia for thousands of years; it is a little more holistic in nature, meaning, it covers not just the physical aspects of yogic practice (like asanas or poses, mudras or locks), but also the breathing, meditation, mindfulness and restorative techniques sometimes lacking in the modern practice. Yoga is part of who she is, from practicing yoga in the parks of China as a child, to graduating from YogiYoga(China) Institute in 2007, Lili has loved helping and inspiring people ever since. You can help balance your mind and body to give a sense of wholeness and great happiness.