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Winter Wellness Evening

Tai Chi Qigong & Yin Yoga to transition into winter – Sunday 12th December

Join us for our rebalancing Yin Yang practice of Tai Chi Qigong & Yin Yoga – finishing with Yoga Nidra and live Chinese music to close the evening


Our Yoga Classes are an Oasis of Calm

Find peace and let go stress

Find inner and outer strength by weaving held poses with slow flowing mindful movement, breath work and meditation, in a simple, down-to-earth way, to help you completely unwind and release your hectic day.


Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi & Qigong classes In-Person and Livestream throughout the week

Suitable for any age and any ability, it strengthens immunity, builds internal stamina, eases chronic illness and relieves common ailments by stimulating the flow of energy Qi.


Video Library

Practice wherever you are

Our comprehensive on-demand library of classes – ranging from short and invigorating practices and quick tutorials, to full length Yoga and Qigong Tai Chi classes

Beginners Courses Start Wednesday 12th January

New Year Beginners Courses

Beginners Yoga

5-Week Beginners Yoga Course starts Wednesday mornings at 9:30am from 12th January. A blend of classic postures, deep stretching and calming breath work to relax the body and de-stress the mind.

Beginners Tai Chi Qigong

5-Week Beginners Tai Chi Qigong Course starts on Wednesday mornings at 11am from 12th January. Tai Chi Qigong is an health benefitting exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

Small group Yoga, Tai Chi & Qigong and Wellness in Milton Keynes

Yoga Slow Flow, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative and Tai Chi & Qigong

Yoga Lily by a Waterfall

In-person, Livestream and On-demand Yoga, Tai Chi & Qigong and Wellness classes in Milton Keynes

Our Yoga & Tai Chi Qigong classes are an oasis of calm nestled in the heart of Milton Keynes.

We’re passionate about the eastern fitness and wellness practices of Yoga and Tai Chi Qigong and have been sharing its benefits with the Milton Keynes community since 2010. We offer an array of classes, workshops and events suitable for all levels. Whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned yogi, drop in and discover the benefits for yourself.

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In your words

I have been taking classes with Lily for quite a few years now and without fail the classes are interesting and varied, suitable for all levels. Lily is supportive and encouraging to all her students, I always feel refreshed and energised after every class. I can’t recommend her highly enough xxx

AngelaSmall Group Yogini

I highly recommend Lily and David’s yoga and qigong class. Lily and David are very well experienced yoga and qigong teachers.They have designed their classes to suit different levels of abilities, their friendly and informative classes will not only help you stretching and exercising, but also assist you meditating and relaxing. Best yoga and qigong class I have ever been in.

TinaOnline & In-person Yogini

Myself and my wife Marylia started Lily’s classes on Monday evening 8 months ago, I found it very challenging at first but excellent and slept so well afterwards. Now we make sure we go every week and try not to miss a class. Marylia used to have back problems but since starting she has had no problems and is much more relaxed. Great class, just need time to be able to do more classes.


I’ve just completed a 5 week beginners course with Yoga Lily. David has been a wonderful, patient, kind and inspiring teacher and through his classes I have begun to find a deeper level of inner peace and mindfulness. Although some of the poses have been challenging, I really enjoy this and am already seeing improvements in my core strength and flexibility. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey ...

ElizabethBeginners Course

I'm loving David's Thursday evening classes. I love how he manages to bring energy and peace to into his sessions. They are also really helping me physically recover from my c-section.

RobinaWhitespace Yogini

In-person Classes

Welcome back to our in-person classes.

Monday, 6:15pm
Hatha Flow Yoga, Beginners & Improvers – Lily
Monday, 7:30pm
Slow Flow Yoga, for everyone – David
Tuesday, 6:00pm
Gentle Yoga & Yin Yoga – Lily
Wednesday, 6:30pm
Tai Chi Qigong, for everyone – Lily
Wednesday, 7:40pm
Slow Flow Yoga – David
Thursday, 9:45am
Tai Chi & Qigong – Lily
Saturday, 9:30am
Tai Chi & Qigong – Lily

Zoom Livestream Classes

All times GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Tuesday, 7pm
Slow Flow Yoga, open level – David
Thursday, 6:30pm
Hatha Flow Yoga, open level – Lily
Sunday, 9:30am
Tai Chi Qigong, open level – Lily