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How to do Utthita Anguli Sukhasana, Toe Stretching Forward Bend

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Utthita Anguli Sukhasana – most of us live with our feet trapped inside shoes. As a result, Our feet are often less alive than they could be. Enliven your toes by stretching them out in Toe Stretching Forward Bend. Let any other pose where you gaze at your toes be a reminder to stretch them out.

Easy Seated Posture, Step 1 of Utthita Anguli Sukhasana, Toe Stretching Forward Bend

1. Easy Seated Pose

1. Sit in Easy Seated Pose with the left leg in front of the right. Lean forward and use your right hand to help you feed the fingers of your left hand in between the toes of your right foot. Slide the fingers as deeply inside as possible.
2. Then, as best as you can, interlace the fingers of your right hand with the toes of the left foot. Now gently squeeze all the toes.

3. Utthita Anguli Sukhasana, Toe Stretching Forward Bend

3. Utthita Anguli Sukhasana, Toe Stretching Forward Bend

3. Flex the heels of the feet, fold forward and let the elbows move forward, like wings out to the sides of the body. On an exhalation, lengthen the upper body forward to bring the forehead to the floor. Stay for 10 breaths, keeping both sitting bones on the floor, the front of the torso as long as the back of the torso. If it feels uncomfortable, use it as an opportunity to develop evenness of the mind in the face of adversity.
4. Inhale to come up, and release the hands. Cross the legs the other way, and repeat on the other side.


Gaze: Eyes closed or the tip of nose.
Build-up Pose: Easy Seated Pose
Counter Pose:


  • Simply wrap fingers around toes and squeeze them
  • Raise the seat with cushions
  • Remain upright

Effect: Extending, limbering

Utthita Anguli Sukhasana, Toe Stretching Forward Bend Counter Poses

In yoga we use a counter pose in a sequence; For example, a twist follows a backbend to “neutralise” the spine, or a forward bend follows a backbend to help lengthen the spine and calm the nervous system.

Childs Pose alternative head position

Child Pose (balasana)


East Stretch Posture (purvottanasana)