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6-Week Complete Beginners Yoga Course

Starts Monday 7th November 2016

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Small Group Yoga Classes in Milton Keynes & Bletchley

At Yoga Lily you will experience traditional, relaxing and invigorating Yoga as practiced in Asia for thousands of years at her home studio in Milton Keynes; it is a little more holistic in nature, meaning, it covers not just the physical aspects of yogic practice (like asanas or poses, mudras or locks), but also the meridian energy pathways, breathingmeditation and restorative yoga techniques sometimes lacking in the modern practice.

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Yoga for Beginners Course

Small Group Yoga for Beginners Course starting Monday 7th November 2016 Taking your first step onto the yoga mat is an exciting new beginning. If you are looking for a new challenge that will boost your health and wellbeing, help yourself stay in shape and completely detox, or have a little time just for you; I look forward to welcoming you to my 6-week, fun, relaxing and de-stressing Yoga for Beginners course at the South Furzton Meeting Place in Milton Keynes. This is a small group course (maximum of 8 students), giving you a better teacher / student balance.  It is aimed at complete beginners or those with a little experience who are looking to improve their understanding and build a strong foundation of Yoga. As places are limited please book today to avoid disappointment. Anyone can do Hatha Yoga because its practice is aimed toward relaxation, stress reduction and management. The Yoga for Beginners Course will cover the basics of this ancient Eastern tradition; so you will learn how to breathe properly and centre your attention on clearing mental clutter – all the while staying fit, improving posture and reaping the physical benefits of the yoga tradition. Find out more about the benefits of yoga and how yoga changes your body, starting the day you begin.   Booking Yoga for Beginners Course Monday: 7:30pm – 8:45pm Start date: 7 November 2016 Duration: 6 weeks Course cost: £60 Places are limited so book your space today! Contact to book   Venue: South Furzton Meeting Place. 1 Blackmoor Gate, Furzton, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK4 1DS   Anyone can do Hatha Yoga because its practice is aimed toward relaxation, stress reduction and management. The Beginners and Improvers Yoga Class will cover the foundations of this ancient Eastern tradition; so you will learn how to breathe properly and centre your attention on clearing mental clutter – all the while staying fit, improving posture and reaping the physical benefits of the yoga tradition.

Mindful Yoga Awareness Meditation for Complete Relaxation – Video

Video: Mindful Yoga Awareness Meditation for Complete Relaxation Relaxation for many of us means zoning out in front of the TV at the end of a stressful day. But this does little to reduce the damaging effects of stress. To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. You can do this by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and yoga. Fitting these activities into your life can help reduce everyday stress and boost your energy and mood. Try our Mindful Yoga Awareness Meditation Video for Complete Relaxation to truly take time for yourself; day or night.   The relaxation response: Bringing your nervous system back into balance When stress overwhelms your nervous system your body is flooded with chemicals that prepare you for “fight or flight.” While the stress response can be lifesaving in emergency situations where you need to act quickly, it wears your body down when constantly activated by the stresses of everyday life. No one can avoid all stress, but you can counteract it by learning how to produce the relaxation response, a state of deep rest that is the polar opposite of the stress response. The relaxation response puts the brakes on stress and brings your body and mind back into a state of equilibrium. When the relaxation response is activated: Your heart rate decreases Breathing becomes slower and deeper Blood pressure drops or stabilises Your muscles relax Your body begins to heal In addition to its calming physical effects, the relaxation response also increases energy and focus, combats illness, relieves aches and pains, heightens problem-solving abilities, and boosts motivation and productivity. Best of all, anyone can reap these benefits with regular practice.  

Autumn Super Healthy Cooked Pears

Autumn Super Healthy Cooked Pears for Lung Health and a Glowing Complexion Autumn in China is a time when people look to slow down and conserve our ‘Qi’, (Prana or our Yin Energies). We cook foods that in particular focus on our general health and wellbeing and get cosy; catching up with family over the dinner table. In Chinese medicine, the lungs, being the highest organs are regarded as being extremely sensitive to heat and cold, and most vulnerable to injury. Transitioning from warm to cold environments, such as popping into and out of shops, or walking from your centrally heated home to the cold outdoors air, stresses and dries the lungs. This causes them discomfort that can lead to coughs, phlegm, bronchitis, asthma and other chest infections. When the lungs become stressed, cooled and dried; our skin becomes dry & flakey and our energies low, leading to fatigue and effecting our immunity. A simple Chinese tradition for keeping internal warmth and moisture to remain healthy during the colder months is eating more white foods, such as Almonds, Pears, Yam, Lily Root, White Radish, Oats, Sugar Cane and Honey. One of the best, and my particular favourite recipe, is cooked pears with honey which is easy to whip up in 15 minutes. Super Healthy Cooked Pears Recipe Chop up 2-3 fresh pears (serves 3-4) Add dates / Chinese dates or Sultanas 500ml of water   Method Boil in a pan with lid on a medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes. The pears will release their juice in to the water as they boil creating a sweet sauce with their natural sugar, so there is no need to sweeten the desert. Serve in a small bowl with a teaspoon of honey and enjoy this super healthy desert to keep your lungs strong and healthy in Autumn and Winter.   Quarter-Dog Pose to recharge your Qi energy This yin yoga pose stimulates the Lung and Heart meridians as gentle pressure is placed across the shoulder joint and upper arms. Press into the fingers while doing this pose to stimulate the various points in each. Hold this pose on both sides for 3-5 minutes after a busy day to completely relax, and recharge your Qi energy. Come in to Child’s Pose to rest.

Utthan Pristhasana, Lizard Pose

Lizard Pose, Utthan Pristhasana: intense hip opener & stretch yoga pose. Hatha yoga in Milton Keynes with Yoga Lily. Utthan Pristhasana – Lizard pose can be an intense hip opener and can create some intense sensation. Lizard pose is a great way to practice steady and full breathing and being present in the body, allowing the pose to slowly do its work. Like Pigeon, it’s a pose you can spend minutes in and allow gravity to further increase your flexibility. 1. Begin in Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana), step your right foot forwards between your hands. Heel-toe your foot towards the edge of your mat, so that your foot is slightly wider than your shoulders. 2. Let your hips grow heavy, so that they settle forwards and down. Begin to walk your hands forwards until you are able to come down on to your forearms. You may place your forearms on the ground, or on a block. Either rest your hands palms facing down on the mat, or bring your hands together in prayer position. 3. Extend your heart forward, lengthening the spine. Try to soften the heart and draw the shoulder blades together, taking the rounding out of your back. 4. Keep your right knee hugging towards your midline to get into the inner hip and thigh area of your right leg. You can keep your left knee lifted with your leg active, or for a more restorative version, you can lower your left knee.   Benefits Lizard Pose is a versatile pose with many benefits: Opens the hips, hamstrings, groins and hip flexors Strengthens the inner thigh muscles on the front leg Opens and releases the chest, shoulders and neck Prepares the body for deeper hip openers such as Pigeon Pose and Hanuman Pose   Variations Outer hip variation: With your forearms on the ground, flex your right foot, drawing your toes towards your shin. Begin to let your right knee draw outwards toward the right, rolling to the outside edge of your right foot. Make sure to keep your foot flexed to protect the ankle and the knee. Quad stretch variation: From the outer hip variation, with your left knee lowered, reach back with your right hand and take hold of your left foot. Begin to draw your foot towards your buttocks as your hips continue to draw forwards. Open your heart towards the sky and lean back towards the left. Breathe at any stage or variation of the pose for 5-10 breaths, then step back to Downward Facing Dog Pose. Repeat with the left leg forwards. Tips You do not need to take all of the above variations listed; choose the stage of the pose that is best suited to your practice. You may use a block or a bolster to rest your forearms on. You may need a strap to grab hold of your foot in the quad stretch variation Don’t drop the head and collapse through the chest in Lizard pose. Keeping

Parivrtta Utkatasana, Revolved Chair Pose

How to do Parivrtta Utkatasana, Revolved Chair Pose Yoga classes in Milton Keynes Parivrtta Utkatasana – Squatting is a powerful innate body posture that puts us in touch with our connection to the earth. In the Revolved Chair Pose version, twisting the upper body gives the abdominal muscles a massage, while the legs are strengthened. 1. Stand in Mountain Pose with the feet hip width apart. Inhale, extend the arms over the head and lengthen the spine. Exhale and fold forward with bent knees, bringing the chest forward and hands to the floor. Inhale, press down into the soles and lift the arms and chest forward, away from the thighs. Keep lifting the chest, extending through fingers until the spine and arms are parallel to the floor. 2. Lift the sitting bones up towards the ceiling. Breath smoothly and evenly as you establish a steady grounding through the heels. You will feel the thighs working hard. Lower the buttocks more toward the heels even has the arms and spine extend upward more. Lower the hands to the heart and press the palms together in prayer position. 3. On an exhalation, turn the chest toward the right and lean forward to wedge the left elbow at the outer right knee. Press the elbow into the knee, While at the same time press the knee back to the elbow to twist deeper. Keep the hands at the heart pressing the palms firmly together. The right knee forward to be level with the left. Feel a spiralling of the upper body from the sacrum upward. Turn the head to look over the right shoulder. Sit down more deeply into the buttocks. Move your body weight back slightly so that the knees are not forward of the toes – this will engage the powerful muscles of the upper thighs more deeply. Stay here for five breaths. 4. Release as you inhale, allowing the arms to lift you back up to stand in Mountain Pose. Repeat on the other side. Tips Gaze: Sideways or through the raised elbow to the ceiling Build-up Poses: Deep Forward Fold Chair Pose Revolved Triangle Pose Counter Poses: Mountain Pose Tree Pose Lighten: Bend the knees less Rest hands on the hip and knee of the side toward which you are turned. Effect: Invigorating   Parivrtta Utkatasana, Revolved Chair Pose Counter Poses In yoga we use a counter pose in a sequence; For example, a twist follows a backbend to “neutralise” the spine, or a forward bend follows a backbend to help lengthen the spine and calm the nervous system.    

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Lily is a brilliant teacher. Very attentive & encouraging with lots of knowledge to share.

Tracy Hayes
Tracy Hayes, Yogi

I’ve started beginners yoga – I’m loving it, in today’s class we got detox tea – I love it thank you.

Abi Daffurn
Abi Daffurn, Yogi

Lily’s classes are truly amazing. I felt instantly comfortable like i’d been going for years. Lily is an excellent teacher & very encouraging!

Lesley Northy, Yogi

I’m addicted to Lily’s yoga classes. It tests your body completely and it’s amazing how good it makes you feel inside and out. Thank you Lily. X

Tina Surti, Yogi

Its great to find a class where the teacher will look after you and encourage you whatever your ability.

John Knight
John Knight, Yogi

A very lovely calm class. I have already improved so much and can do much more now from when I started. I look forward to it every week.

Stephanie Gowing
Stephanie Gowing, Yogi

About Yoga Lily

Lily is an experienced Yoga Alliance yoga teacher. She teaches the traditional, relaxing and invigorating Yoga as practiced in Asia for thousands of years at her home studio in Milton Keynes; it is a little more holistic in nature, meaning, it covers not just the physical aspects of yogic practice (like asanas or poses, mudras or locks), but also the meridian energy pathways, breathing, meditation and restorative yoga techniques sometimes lacking in the modern practice. Yoga is part of who she is, from practicing yoga in the parks of China as a child, to graduating from YogiYoga(China) Institute in 2007, Lili has loved helping and inspiring people ever since. You can help balance your mind and body to give a sense of wholeness and great happiness.



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