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Qigong – Taiji Stick starts Saturday 20 February for 5 weeks

Come to join us this Saturday 20th February, for the start of a 5-week, fun, playful and health benefitting new Qigong form that we look forward to sharing with you for Chinese new year.

The Taiji Stick Health Preservation Qigong embodies the concept of Taiji, which emphasises the harmony of yin and yang, man and nature. This new exercise distills the essence of traditional stick martial art practice, coordinates body movements with stick wielding, guided breathing and imagination.

It’s suitable for people of all ages, graceful, fun and easy to learn, it helps release stress, find focus and improve strength of bone and muscle, while massaging the acupuncture points to improve health and wellbeing. 
Beginners welcome.

Starting: Saturday 20 February, 9:30am (recording available for 7 days)



Taiji Sticks Available

If you are within Milton Keynes, email us and we are happy to drop one off to your door (Sticks £6 each – limited stock 25 only).

Alternatively, the Stick length usually measures from 105-120cm long and 2.3-2.8cm in diameter; you could use a Broom Stick handle (available from amazon) or similar.


Sneak Peak

Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang – Stick Qigong