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Yoga Poses for Balance: Garudasana, Eagle Pose

Garudasana – This standing balance pose strengthens the ankles and is excellent for releasing tightness in the shoulders. Balance poses give a sense of poise and steadiness and are particularly beneficial when you feel mentally stressed.
Yoga, garudasana, eagle pose
Stand in Mountain Pose1. Stand in Mountain Pose. Spend a few moments allowing the soles of the feet to connect evenly and fully with the floor. Deeply bend the right knee as you gradually transfer the weight of the body onto the right foot.
2. Lift the leg, cross it over the right knee, then twist that front of the left foot around the right calf. Catching the foot around the calf will only be possible if your supporting leg is bent.
3. Sit down a little into the buttocks so that the right knee bends more deeply. Tuck in the tailbone under and extend the spine upward, so that the upper body is lifting vertically. Tuck in the chin toward the throat, keeping the back of the neck long.
4. Inhale and extend the arms forward at shoulder height. Cross the right arm over the left, then fold the forearms upright at the elbows and wrap them around to bring the palms of the hands together. Lift the elbows to shoulder height as you extend the hands away from the face. Relax the shoulders away from the ears pulling the shoulder blades down the back.
5. Breath into the space at the back of the heart. After six breaths, inhale to release the arms and legs and come back to Mounting Pose. Repeat on the other side.
6. If you are not ready for the position of the legs try this: place the outer left ankle on the right thigh just above the knee. Let the knee move out to the side and bend the supporting leg more to a squat. If your palms don’t come to press together, make two fists and move the back of the wrists to face each other.


Gaze: Hands

  • Simply cross the left leg over the right and allow the toes of the left foot to rest against the outer right ankle if you cannot wrap the foot around the back of the right leg.
  • For balance practice with the back against a wall.
  • Practice the arm and leg positions separately.

Effect: Focusing
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