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Yoga Lily is at South Furzton Meeting Place tagged Beginner Yoga Course.16 minutes ago
South Furzton Meeting Place
18:00 - Beginners & Improvers Yoga
19:30 - Strong & Slow Hatha Flow
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Yoga Lily
Yoga Lily is in Milton Keynes tagged Beginner Yoga Course.3 days ago
Milton Keynes
Our new Yoga for Beginners Course - starts Tuesday 9th July, 7pm in Garthwaite Pavilion, Shenley Brook End.
Yoga Lily
Yoga Lily is at St John Ambulance, Bletchley HQ tagged Beginner Yoga Course.4 days ago
St John Ambulance, Bletchley HQ
19:30 - 5-week Complete Beginners Yoga Course - wk 4
Our classes:
#LifeInBalance #MiltonKeynes #YogaMiltonKeynes #MiltonKeynesYoga #LoveMK #yogastudio #yogafitness
Yoga Lily
Yoga Lily tagged Beginner Yoga Course.5 days ago
Yoga Lily
Yoga Lily is at South Furzton Meeting Place.1 week ago
South Furzton Meeting Place
18:00 - Beginners & Improvers Yoga
19:30 - Strong & Slow Hatha Flow
Full details:
#LifeInBalance #MiltonKeynes #MiltonKeynesYoga #YogaMiltonKeynes #YogaStudio #YogaFitness #LoveMK
Yoga Lily
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Yoga Lily

Autumn Super Healthy Cooked Pears

for lung health and a glowing complexion
By Yoga Lily 3 years ago
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super healthy cooked pears for autumn health

Autumn Super Healthy Cooked Pears for Lung Health and a Glowing Complexion

Autumn in China is a time when people look to slow down and conserve our ‘Qi’, (Prana or our Yin Energies). We cook foods that in particular focus on our general health and wellbeing and get cosy; catching up with family over the dinner table.

In Chinese medicine, the lungs, being the highest organs are regarded as being extremely sensitive to heat and cold, and most vulnerable to injury. Transitioning from warm to cold environments, such as popping into and out of shops, or walking from your centrally heated home to the cold outdoors air, stresses and dries the lungs. This causes them discomfort that can lead to coughs, phlegm, bronchitis, asthma and other chest infections. When the lungs become stressed, cooled and dried; our skin becomes dry & flakey and our energies low, leading to fatigue and effecting our immunity.

A simple Chinese tradition for keeping internal warmth and moisture to remain healthy during the colder months is eating more white foods, such as Almonds, Pears, Yam, Lily Root, White Radish, Oats, Sugar Cane and Honey.

One of the best, and my particular favourite recipe, is cooked pears with honey which is easy to whip up in 15 minutes.

Autumn Cooked Pears & Honey cooking in the pan

Super Healthy Cooked Pears Recipe

  • Chop up 2-3 fresh pears (serves 3-4)
  • Add dates / Chinese dates or Sultanas
  • 500ml of water



  • Boil in a pan with lid on a medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The pears will release their juice in to the water as they boil creating a sweet sauce with their natural sugar, so there is no need to sweeten the desert.
  • Serve in a small bowl with a teaspoon of honey and enjoy this super healthy desert to keep your lungs strong and healthy in Autumn and Winter.


Quarter-Dog Pose to recharge your Qi energy

This yin yoga pose stimulates the Lung and Heart meridians as gentle pressure is placed across the shoulder joint and upper arms. Press into the fingers while doing this pose to stimulate the various points in each. Hold this pose on both sides for 3-5 minutes after a busy day to completely relax, and recharge your Qi energy. Come in to Child’s Pose to rest.

quarter-dog pose

Quarter-Dog Pose : Yin Yoga Pose to restore your Qi energy

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Lili has been studying and practising yoga in China & UK for 20 years, and teaching since 2007 (7 years in the UK). She draws inspiration from her training within established, classical yoga systems that focus on alignment, hatha vinyasa in its gentler form, yin, yin/yang, and restorative yoga styles, pranayama and meditation; blending the roots of Chinese healing traditions into a more holistic practice. For her, practice covers not just the physical aspects of yoga but also aligning and unblocking the bodies meridian energy pathways to release Qi energy (prana) which flows through the bodies energy highway, bringing the mind, body and spirit back into balance. “I am continually humbled by my students and teachers, my aim is always to teach from the heart and from the idea that yoga is the art of living, listening and learning, to embody this deeply spiritual tradition” – Lili Chen.